An electric generator is an indispensible tool to have at hand in case of emergencies or just use in a daily life. The best thing about generators is that while being powerful, they remain affordable for a budget, and the ways in which you can apply the device are numerous. In the article below we have composed the list of top 5 uses for a generator based on the reviews by the actual owners who shared their opinions on the product, its advantages, downsides, problems they faced and ways of dealing with them:

Critical situations

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The most critical situation one should be always ready to deal with is a natural disaster. There are weighty reasons for us to be concerned about natural hazards such as a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake, etc. This is where a generator is a vital tool to have in a house. For those residing in the areas with high risk of natural disasters, it is vital to have this device because sometimes it might boil down to the situation down to life or death. A natural disaster is something that might come quickly an unexpectedly, and once is has come, help does not always manage to arrive in time. While waiting for help, you will be able to take charge of the situation and take care of yourself until the aid arrives or the power comes back on.

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When it comes to building and construction works, a moveable electric generator is an indispensable tool to have at hand. The device is responsible for almost all kinds of construction work: spraying guns for painting, utilizing nail guns, industrial lighting, using a generator as an outlet for other electric tools. None of the construction crews would be able to complete their projects without this device. The majority opt for an electric model because of its ease of charging and portability.

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Some purchase generators just for the sake of convenience, for example, for an ordinary power cut that might occur in case the transformer is somehow damaged and fails to operate or a storm has become too strong. It takes time for an electrical crew to right the ship, meanwhile, you refrigerator has already started to defrost, a conditioner has stopped, and if your phone is out of charge, outlets cannot help you. Except that, an electric generator is vital to have in households with elderly people who need medical items that depend on electricity to sustain their health (such as an oxygen making machine). In the case of emergency, even a small power cut that lasts for 1-2 hours might inflict significant harm. When the power cut occurs, one never knows how long it will take for electricity to come back, so ordinary users purchase an electric generator for minute inconveniences just to keep the essential appliances running for as long as needed.



Not many people are aware of it, but a generator can become a magic wand in some emergencies. When such natural disasters like storms cut off the electricity supply, farms might experience downtime. While the equipment that runs on gas will still be operable, lighting and other cutting-edge pieces of equipment running on electricity will fail to carry out their functions. Reviews on portable generator alluded to winter of 1998 in Ontario, where an ice storm cut off the electricity supply for a significant period of time. Those who did not have an electrical generation at their household felt they were at a great disadvantage in comparison with those who had one. The realization came with the need for power to continue work, feed cattle and keep the product fresh.




An electrical generator can help you out not only in cases of emergency. Some utilize the device for recreational activities. If you hold any outdoor activity, such as a barbeque, a camp or an open-air festival, there is practically nothing to draw electricity from. The complications occur if you want the activity you are holding to be supported with plug-in speakers for music, power fans or illumination lights that would create a magnificent atmosphere. In this case, an electric generator does not only serve as a lifesaver but facilitates you in having a good time. The best thing about a generator is that once you have purchased it, it will always come in handy fixing the problem and helping out when needed.


The ways of putting an electric generator to good use vary from emergency cases at home, keeping the farm working and dealing with power cuts to supporting an outdoor activity with electricity. In any case, a generator will serve you as a source of clean energy that will provide you with the power you seek without the need to rely on petrol.

The reviews on portative generators will put you in the picture and give you a fair look at various models available and advice you on their advantages and drawbacks.